Story Time & Knowledge Time

Today I’m going to be going through another fantastic 16 hour shift, which after the breaks and commute will put me at 17.5 hour day, give or take a few minutes. Thankfully the drives are not long, but it still is a bit on the annoying side having to work two jobs.

(Let this be a lesson for you, kids. If you are compelled to pursue a higher form of education, go for something that will actually make you money. Like a trade school, engineering, architecture, etc. Liberal Arts are things you can study off the internet or your library and not fork out tens of thousands of dollars for.)

So, back on this whole “Story Time” thing. This blog is more my online scribbles, where I post my musings, snippets of ambitions and maybe a review. This “Story Time” is going to be part of the snippets of ambition, where I will post the opening paragraph of each chapter of my current project (and God willing, more projects). However, the opening paragraph is going to have to wait until tomorrow when I actually have time since I want to include information about the said chapter and if I am able to, provide a little lore for the setting. I already got 12 chapters edited, but I still have quite a few left to go and with the hectic schedule I don’t know how often I will be able to post these paragraphs.

Just know that you will see quite a few coming pretty fast and then there is a high probability that updates will drop in speed.

The next part, “Knowledge Time” is for the times when I just want to post something that I learned.

I personally don’t like not knowing things, especially when it is something that I should have known in the first place. It is not to the point where I become an ogre that throws things around for not knowing what something is, but the feeling of being lost in something that I should not be lost in is a real blow to the mental kidney. It hurts.

Right now, I am wanting to study up on the Founding Documents of the United States because I didn’t really get a chance to have an in depth study of them. It is important to know the history and documents of your nation and state/region, after all.

The “Knowledge Time” won’t be strictly American documents, but I will devote what time I can in between jobs, the project, and life in general to learn what I can.

But learning is fun. Especially when the learning is about your people and nation’s history.

Anyways, that is all for me today. I got to dive into the grind, so you peeps have a blessed day!

5 thoughts on “Story Time & Knowledge Time

    1. Honestly, I just started. I still have to do some catching up with “Story Time” since I got a little carried away with life and work. I have quite a few updates to do. Also, I want “Knowledge Time” to be… Well, knowledgeable, so that is why none of that is up.
      I got a lot to learn with blogging, but I appreciate the compliment! It made my night. 👍


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