Story Time- Vigilance (01)

A day or two ago I said I would post snippets of my project to this blog, and here is the first one. I’m only going to post the first paragraph because I don’t think it is a good idea to post the whole chapter. Partially because it is in the draft phase and partially because this is not Wattpad or any other writer site. This is a blog site, so in the spirit of keeping it quick and bloggy (?), here is the opening paragraph of my project, Vigilance.

Tragedy is a Goodstrome trait. Such words have been the unofficial Goodstrome Family motto for generations, and Trixie Trisha Tora Goodstrome can see why. She has actually been seeing it from the day she had the bright idea to run away, only to find that upon returning home there was nothing left of it, save for smoldering wood and ashes. Not even a trace of her father or the house workers could be found. That was ten years ago, and now she is a stowaway between some crates on the back of an old metal truck.

This story has a very weird history. It started out as fan fiction that had elements of Watchmen, Batman Begins, and Iron Man, and it included influences from movies like the Die Hard franchise, had references to Tropic Thunder, Book of Eli as well I think some Fight Club and various television shows.

To make the long story short, Vigilance has roots of being a complete mess. But I wrote the first version when I was forced to drop out of college and had to survive on a potato and pickle diet, so malnutrition and isolation probably played a factor in why it was weird. However, people liked what I posted and I thought it was awesome… That is, until I read the “finished” product and realized how strange it was. I tried editing it to make it better, which worked in some parts, but not so well in others and it dropped off my mind. Fast forward a few years and I found a new desire to fix it, but unlike last time, I am actually not starving on a pickle and potato diet, thus leading to clearer thoughts. So I know what has to go, what can stay, where parts need to go and so on.

If we go with the number of drafts this will be number three, but if we are going with this being a rewrite then it might as well count as number one since these current edits have turned the originally weird fan fiction into something original.

In a day or two I will post the opening paragraph for chapter 2 of Vigilance, and we’ll keep going from there. Next time will also have some more background on the story, too.

Until next time, God bless, peeps.


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