Story Time- Vigilance (02)

The past few days have been busy, and just like last time I’m going to squeeze this in before I go to job number two.

In chapter 2 of Vigilance, Trixie has gotten into some trouble, and what happens next is actually important and not put in for the sake of being dark and edgy. I’m not putting the whole chapter in because this a blog, blogs gotta be short (unless its educational, which this entry is not). Also privacy stuff. So, without further stalling, here is chapter 2’s opener.

Trixie wakes up with a start on a stiff queen sized bed with an itchy set of sheets and pillows. With her eyes snapping in every direction they can, Trixie realizes that the room has no windows, only the bed and a single, dim light bulb hanging from the middle of the ceiling with the only door locked by a trio of deadbolts. She rushes to the door and quickly finds out that the bolts have been covered, making them to be solid slabs of metal on her side, but that does not stop her from trying to escape. She presses her palms against the door and attempts to use manipulation again, hoping that her meal had replenished some energy, but her palms sputter and shoot out pathetic sparks. When she tries again, nothing happens except for a splitting hand-ache and tears. With this horrible reaction, Trixie starts clawing at her hair, hyperventilating and pacing in circles.

When I initially wrote this, people really didn’t say much. They thought the aftermath of the terrible event was cool (not the horrible thing that happens to Trixie, but the horrible thing that happens to the guy that torments her) and that was about it. This chapter introduces the character that would become Trixie’s father figure, marks the appearance of an organization that takes vigilante justice to an extreme level, and influences the main character for the rest of the story, as should any traumatic event.

This chapter was originally about 16 pages long, so I had to do some cutting because a lot of those pages were due to bulky languages, unnecessary scene hopping and a fight that really should not have lasted as long as the original version was. But you don’t see these things until you take a break from it for a bit. It is only upon returning to the work that you realize how stupid something was. But its better now, and soon a sneak peek at chapter 3 will be available.

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