Apologies for not posting in a bit. I have been dealing with three weeks of straight work and the exhaustion has finally caught up to me. I had been doing a lot of sleeping when I should have been doing edits for Vigilance and posting stuff here.

I actually did have something posted a little bit ago, which was about the first governor of Tennessee, but since I was doing it on my phone instead of the computer something weird happened to where it posted it incomplete instead of saving it as a draft. So, rather than a quick history lesson all that showed up was a picture and a couple of sentences. That was really stupid. Very low level informative.

Anyways, I got 12 books lined up for purchase. Not at once because I’m not that rich. 11 of those books are history books, with two about the Crusades, three about Tennessee’s history, and seven about the Confederate States of America. Number 12 is not a history book, but rather the sequel to a steampunk novel that I haven’t finished.

I would like to finish it so I can post a review and then order its sequel. So, in all this rambling you can get three things:

  1. I slept a lot recently.
  2. I got a lot of books lined up for purchase (not at once).
  3. I need to read more.

Good news is that I am now only employed with one job, so that means more time for reading and more time for life!

Until next time. God bless.

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