Very Interesting

For a while now I have had two roommates. One I knew from work and the other served in Afghanistan. I also knew him for a long time and when we ran into each other it was both unexpected and fully welcomed.

The former coworker has a daughter that I was frankly too nervous to see alone because I didn’t want to be intrusive and didn’t want to go behind the “mama hen’s” back. Like me, the daughter is a workaholic. Always working, always working and can’t say no to the job because the job pays.

But the mama hen had this bad habit of saying one thing and doing the exact opposite. There was always an excuse why get togethers were cancelled or she conviently forgot about plans made just hours prior. So, today I basically said “screw it” and went to see this particular person.

She was quite surprised to see me, and since I was used to seeing her with the mama hen by my side (and her doing 95% of the talking) I pretty much sounded like an idiot when I spoke. Tripping over words, laughing nervously, and made an odd conversation with a customer about dislocated knees while I waited for her to do something. However, despite me being the opposite of smooth we actually managed to carry a short conversation and exchanged numbers.

Again she was surprised that I actually showed up by myself. She didn’t have to say anything. It was written all over her face and demeanor. But I was tired of waiting and I know patience can only go so far before someone drifts away, so I took the chance.

Moral of the story. Take chances!

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