Just Do It!

One of my student loans is almost gone. Out of the $12k, I am now down to $4800, which is quite remarkable. The other one is still about $10-11k, I’m going to have to check, but one bill at a time!

Any, I bring this up because of my failed try at a university I was basically petrified of doing more for myself. Failure, it appeared, was my only option. I still got a ways to go before I am completely debt free, but I was thinking about how much time I wasted on my life thinking that I was only as good as the paper I could not get. There was always an excuse why I couldn’t do something. Excuse A, excuse B, excuse C, whatever it was there was always something and it held me back from life.

Granted, I don’t think if I wasn’t crippled with fear of failure I would be traveling the world because that is expensive in all avenues, but I certainly would not be living in an apartment with an improperly installed water heater.

After seeing what my new balance was after making my last payment, coupled with the whole finally seeing that one girl without an anchor, O realized that slowly but surely I an chipping away at the chains. I am almost free from a major debt, I got a number and actually engaged in a conversation with someone that I had my eye on for a while. There was no big peptalk, no seminars, no YouTube videos about self esteem or finances. The secret of it all is I just did it.

I just paid my bills. I saved up, paid my bills accordingly then made a large payment when I had a good size.

I just went up to her and was kind of moronic, but I still did it.

There is no great secret to your success. There is only how far you are willing to go to do something. Live like a popper now to live like a king later. Go up to her now and risk five minutes of stupidity for a whole day of happiness. Maybe longer spans of happiness if it works out.

But you just. Do. It.

Just do it!

Just live your life and be happy.

I would go more in depth, but I am on my lunch break, so I have to go.

One day I’ll get some more stuff posted, but until then, be happy. Be healthy. God bless.

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