Story Time- Vigilance (03)

Can I start with an apology of forgetting to post this? I mean, I don’t have much of an excuse anymore seeing as how I am now down to one job (thankfully).  I just get distracted way too easily with life. But some good news, with the one job I was able to edit some more chapters, which is nice, and now here is the opening for chapter 3 of Vigilance.

Trixie’s feet splash into the watery mud as she runs into the grungy alley, nearly tripping over herself and having to clutch the door frame for support. Shaking to near collapse, she squints her eyes to see through the heavy gray of rain and spots Markos disappearing around a corner. Panic swells in her as she runs after him, having to shout his name over the downpour and using one hand to support her against the wall while the other holds her jacket shut. Her heart thumps sporadically in her ears and her throat tightens with the tears burning her eyes, and when she rounds the corner a large hand snatches her and slams her against the wall with another hand pressed against her mouth. Her muffled screams and attempts to pry the hand off are useless against the chaos of the rain and the strength against her, but her fighting stops when a familiar voice hisses: “Quiet.”

For this chapter, the main character, Trixie, and her future mentor, Markos, share a moment of her trying to join his group. Not much has changed from the original to the edits, aside from cutting out a bit of circle speak from the conversation, but I will have to go back again to do some more work on it because when I was about to post this I reread the chapter and found more errors. Plus a whole issue of Trixie not being as traumatized from the previous chapter as I thought.

Aside from that, the chapter does introduce some technology and a little bit of the problems the fictional country has, which is modeled after the 1930s era Western civilization. I will get into this purely fictional country more in depth later, but for now I want to put out some information about its technology, which is a mix of diesel-punk, Tesla tech, and what I like to call Gem Tech©. (Gem Tech copyrighted to me. No stealing!)

So, here’s some information about the technology of Vigilance!

Diesel-Punk (a-k-a Diesel Tech)

If we go with the TV Tropes definition of  Diesel Punk then it will say:

[It is] a Punk Punk genre of Speculative Fiction based on the 1920s – 1950s period, spiced up with retro-futuristic innovations and occult elements. The dieselpunk narrative is characterized by conflict vs the undefeatable (naturesocietycosmic), strong use of technology, and Grey and Gray Morality. The protagonists are often Heroic Neutral and have low social status.

(This is actually a very fitting definition for the story, in general. That’s pretty neat!)

In Vigilance, Diesel-Punk is referred to as Diesel Tech, and no one scientist gets all the glory since it was a system of power and technology that was researched and developed over the years by various scientists, corporations and governments. It made its first appearance in the War of Empires, which was a global conflict that lasted from 1901-1915 and ended with the collapse of the old world orders and the survival/ascension of Solaria (that would be the fictional country Vigilance takes place in).  The War of Empires is something I will get into at another point, but with the introduction of diesel tech, warfare changed and those that could not keep up did not last long.

After the War of Empires, diesel tech was gradually introduced to Solaria civilian sectors, allowing for more power and better machinery for construction. By the mid 1920s every major city of Solaria boasted of their massive buildings, their intricate network of elevated light rails, personal vehicles and steady supply of power. They just conveniently left out the smog, dirty roads, and hazardous working conditions of the lower class when they sent out the brochures to the rural areas when seeking workers to keep things running and building.

Aside from that, with the introduction of diesel tech, the military developed massive airships, armored vehicles, and armored suits, and the civilians converted these ships to luxury air cruisers and personal vehicles. The diesel technology also allowed for better connectivity between the regions, cities and towns of Solaria by faster travel and easier construction of roads and other forms of infrastructure.

(Just some samples I pulled from the web.)



Overall, the diesel technology is the most prominent form of power in Solaria, with it powering roughly 98% of it. But, it still shares itself with two other lesser known forms of power. Tesla Tech and Gem Tech.

Tesla Tech (a-k-a Vorsh Tech)

In Vigilance, there never was a Nikola Tesla, being as the worlds are completely different, but there was Bogdan Vorsh, the father of Vorsh Tech. Like Tesla, Vorsh worked on the odd forms of technology that takes up 1.9999999999% of the remaining power. His research was primarily harnessing natural electrical currents, which led to the invention of power coils and solar power. Though, the more conspiracy minded people of Solaria believed Vorsh invented more than just a coil and a fancy power plant, especially since he disappeared shortly after his lab burned down and the Solarian government confiscated everything in his university office and his house. Including pencils and napkin doodles. All of which happened after he completed the solar power plant.

With Vorsh gone, the chances for a cleaner world have dwindled, and the only thing left of his work is one solar power plant in the capital of Solaria and a large power coil locked inside the National Museum of Science.

But surely Vorsh’s disappearance is a coincidence.

Gem Tech

Gem Tech is hidden from the public -and the government- and is the invention of an unknown genius named Vincent Abbandonato. He also happens to run an underground organization dedicated to fighting corruption, and is close friends with Markos.

Vincent discovered that gems have the power to store and amplify power, but can break if they are strained too much. The larger the gem, the more they can hold, but if a collection of smaller gems are properly connected then they can hold a large amount of power, as well, which allows him to make batteries to power his inventions and facility. However, unlike Vorsh, Vincent has no intentions of sharing his technology.

So, that is all for this post. I was going for a little insight into the world of Vigilance, and next time I will dive into one of the factions. But until then, have a good day peeps! God bless.

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