Story Time: Vigilance (04)

Oh, hey a new post in a short time. Madness!

I just couldn’t sleep after my shift at work, so I decided to post another piece for Vigilance. This is chapter 4’s opening segment since the opening paragraph is small. I believe I need to go through this part again, just for more detail. Especially about the scenery.

After nearly an hour of flying, the airship lands in the river, not too far from a river bank, and once the ship reaches shore Markos escorts Trixie to a treeline with a group of armed guards keeping watch.

This is where I leave you,” says Markos, stopping in front of a treeline.

What?” squeaks Trixie, looking at him with bulged eyes.

I’m leaving you here.”

But what about the lifelong fearless training thingy I was going to do?”

If you really want what you say then you must do two things. First, you must find the manor that resides in the cave with a waterfall on either side. Second, once you find it, you must repeat these words: There is only black and white. Never gray. For justice is absolute.”

Black. White. No gray. Absolute justice. Got it.”

Markos arches a brow.

I got it!” insists Trixie.

All right. Suit yourself,” says Markos.

He starts back towards the ship, and Trixie’s jaw drops and her heart races with panic as she walks after him.

Wait, you’re really leaving me out here?” asks Trixie, her voice cracking with a terrified whine.

Markos grabs a travel pack with a bedroll strapped to it from one of the guards and gives it to Trixie.

You’ll need this,” says Markos.

With the pack in hand, Trixie’s eyes flick to it and to Markos, her tongue not working as it should, and Markos smirks and pats her on the head.

Good luck, Trixie,” says Markos.

Yeah, Markos is a big guy and Trixie is a bit on the short side. Not midget short, but still a little small. That said, this is the chapter where Markos puts Trixie through a test to see if she is serious about wanting to join his organization, and it is a turning point for her since she does go through with it (wouldn’t be a story if she didn’t), which brings her to her next arc.

The first being scared and meek, and the next breaking free from her fear and meekness with the help of the Order of Scales. It is also the chapter where she makes a vow to fight the corruption of her family name. Essentially guiding her family from being a driving force of corruption to fighting the evils they helped spread.

One of the things I have a habit of is rereading everything I write, which is a good habit I think since I still find mistakes here and there. Mistakes that include missing words, misspelled words, different names (pretty much every character has had their name changed at least twice in this story), odd sentence structure and the butcher of this chapter… Lack of detail.

I will definitely have to go through this again to add some meat to the bones. I know how/why it happened, too. I was trying to get the story rolling, so I sacrificed some details to make the chapter shorter, but I also want the reader to see the world (when I actually publish this thing) and you can’t see it if the world is vague. I don’t think I had this problem with other edited chapters, but this one is a special case. So I’ll go through it again to put some more words in when I get the energy and time to do it, but I also want to finish editing the story first so I am not stuck in a loop of editing the same chapters over and over and over again.

The Order of Scales

And since I got some more time before my nap, I am going to toss in some information about one of the factions in Vigilance.

The Order of Scales.

Founded and still lead by Vincent Abbandonato, it is an organization dedicated to fighting crime and corruption. Originally it took a bloodless approach, so they only roughed up the crooks and left them tied up for the police to handle them. However, when they started to attack the Goodstrome Family, they found out the hard way that the Goodstromes were not like the other criminals and nearly wiped them out. This was easier for the Goodstromes to do with the network of cops and politicians they controlled.

Vincent retaliated against the Goodstromes with a scorched earth policy that spilled into the streets of Solaria, from cities to towns, interstates to back roads, and train stations and ports. Vincent made it his personal mission to wipe out the Goodstrome Family and its empire, which he was able to do after many bloody years of fighting (or so he thought) and he carried on the new ways of the Order by engaging in ruthless engagements of the criminal underworld.

In a few short years the Order of Scales has transformed from a small group of well trained neighborhood watchers tired of crimes, to a paramilitary organization with a ruthless policy of absolute justice. One of their more notorious methods of fighting crime is what they call “Purge”, where they go into a town that they believe is too corrupt and wipe out the leadership with bullets and fire. This method of cleansing has put them on the radar of the Solarian government and while they claim to be crime fighters the government has labeled them as “anarchists” and has them in their crosshairs.

Under Vincent’s leadership, the Order has declared the Solarian government to be too corrupt to continue and will gladly wage a war against them as well. However, Vincent is smart enough to know that open warfare against the state will end in disaster for him, so the question is: What is his end game?

And with the arrival of Trixie Goodstrome in the Order under Markos’ guidance has also left Vincent with a choice: Finish his war against the Goodstromes? Or use her for his war against the state?

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