Story Time: Vigilance (05)

Time flies. One day you post a blog, then you work, and next thing you know seven days have gone by. But look, another story update! Yay!

Breathe. Just breathe.

Trixie tells herself this over and over again, yet no matter how many times she says this, no matter how stern her thoughts or hard her grip on the sink is, she cannot breathe.

Breathe. Just breathe.

Trixie lifts her eyes to the dirty mirror. Her eyes are like dim blue gems in a sea of dark, and her long silver hair has been cut to her bony shoulders, not that anybody can see them since she is clothed in an all black tunic with a pair of gloves and boots. But as much as Trixie is used to moving around and wearing dirty clothes for weeks on end, she cannot help but hate the itchy fabric and how large her boots are. Such things topped with being locked in an underground facility might explain her anxiety. Or maybe it is because the doors are always locked and she has but one path to take from the makeshift barrack to the Arena where she watches other recruits beat each other to bloody pulps.

Trixie’s anxiety is a common theme that plays throughout the story, which is something that I will do more research on since this story is still in the baby stages. Anxiety is something we all get every now and then, but for Trixie her bad case of anxiety is something she battles throughout the story, as well as the villains and the corruption of her family name.

My goal for Trixie in this story is her growing from a scared, frail girl with anxiety to the exact opposite. Well, almost the exact opposite. I want her fear and anxiety to remain, but the course of the story will basically be her mastering these.

It is also a goal to have her actually fight. She is small and frail, and the opponents she faces are bigger and more experienced in their fighting styles. So the struggle will be there all the time and it will be bloody for her and her opponents.

And that is actually about all I have. Kind of small, but I am going to work a little bit more on the edits for Vigilance and then make some more notes on its lore so I can actually flesh out the story beyond it being a diesel-punk society. Also, gotta research fighting styles so that way I don’t make horrible errors with the fight scenes.

Enjoy your day and God bless.

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