House Incoming!

Good news! I have been away because I have a house on the way. Not an actual delivery, but I bought a house and I am apparently going through the paperwork quickly. It is an old house, but sturdy. However, it does need a few repairs that are surprisingly not too bad considering it’s age, save for two major things. That said, it will be a good house to start with. Do some repairs, make a garden, maybe build a chicken coop.

Anyway, with the house and job taking up a good amount of time I have not been able to be here. I have been working on Vigilance, though, and I have been working on a couple of other stories.

With Vigilance, I am in the middle of fixing it’s second act which has a ridiculous amount of filler chapters. They will be easy to handle, but the ducky part is actually reading through all the poorly written stack of chapters to see which parts I like enough to keep.

Everything with the house should be done by the end of December, so I should be back on track with my sporadic posting after all that.

In the mean time, you folks have a blessed day.

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