Just Do It!

One of my student loans is almost gone. Out of the $12k, I am now down to $4800, which is quite remarkable. The other one is still about $10-11k, I’m going to have to check, but one bill at a time! Any, I bring this up because of my failed try at a university I […]

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Very Interesting

For a while now I have had two roommates. One I knew from work and the other served in Afghanistan. I also knew him for a long time and when we ran into each other it was both unexpected and fully welcomed. The former coworker has a daughter that I was frankly too nervous to […]

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On Themes

Recently I saw a video talking about themes in stories. It was an interesting one; very fast, very to the point without the filler that so many other videos throw in. This video got me thinking about what I write, but since I have nothing published I can not hold anything other than my personal […]

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Apologies for not posting in a bit. I have been dealing with three weeks of straight work and the exhaustion has finally caught up to me. I had been doing a lot of sleeping when I should have been doing edits for Vigilance and posting stuff here. I actually did have something posted a little bit […]

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Story Time- Vigilance (02)

The past few days have been busy, and just like last time I’m going to squeeze this in before I go to job number two. In chapter 2 of Vigilance, Trixie has gotten into some trouble, and what happens next is actually important and not put in for the sake of being dark and edgy. I’m not […]

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Story Time- Vigilance (01)

A day or two ago I said I would post snippets of my project to this blog, and here is the first one. I’m only going to post the first paragraph because I don’t think it is a good idea to post the whole chapter. Partially because it is in the draft phase and partially […]

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Story Time & Knowledge Time

Today I’m going to be going through another fantastic 16 hour shift, which after the breaks and commute will put me at 17.5 hour day, give or take a few minutes. Thankfully the drives are not long, but it still is a bit on the annoying side having to work two jobs. (Let this be […]

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