Story Time: Vigilance (05)

Time flies. One day you post a blog, then you work, and next thing you know seven days have gone by. But look, another story update! Yay! Breathe. Just breathe. Trixie tells herself this over and over again, yet no matter how many times she says this, no matter how stern her thoughts or hard […]

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Story Time: Vigilance (04)

Oh, hey a new post in a short time. Madness! I just couldn’t sleep after my shift at work, so I decided to post another piece for Vigilance. This is chapter 4’s opening segment since the opening paragraph is small. I believe I need to go through this part again, just for more detail. Especially […]

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Story Time- Vigilance (03)

Can I start with an apology of forgetting to post this? I mean, I don’t have much of an excuse anymore seeing as how I am now down to one job (thankfully).  I just get distracted way too easily with life. But some good news, with the one job I was able to edit some […]

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Story Time- Vigilance (02)

The past few days have been busy, and just like last time I’m going to squeeze this in before I go to job number two. In chapter 2 of Vigilance, Trixie has gotten into some trouble, and what happens next is actually important and not put in for the sake of being dark and edgy. I’m not […]

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Story Time- Vigilance (01)

A day or two ago I said I would post snippets of my project to this blog, and here is the first one. I’m only going to post the first paragraph because I don’t think it is a good idea to post the whole chapter. Partially because it is in the draft phase and partially […]

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