Yesterday with the Midterms I was proud of my state. I was, however, not so proud of my Party in general. It was a wasted opportunity that could have been historical, but they wasted the moment leading this to be another standard shift in the political structure. They had two years to prepare, and they […]

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House Incoming!

Good news! I have been away because I have a house on the way. Not an actual delivery, but I bought a house and I am apparently going through the paperwork quickly. It is an old house, but sturdy. However, it does need a few repairs that are surprisingly not too bad considering it’s age, […]

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I got to make this quick. I was editing the next few chapters of Vigilance (which -as usual- were a mess) and I had this odd moment where I realized how hollow of a life I have. Granted, I don’t think living a life of fighting crime and blowing stuff up is a life I […]

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Notes. Notes. More Notes!

This has been a bizarre few days. Found out my knee is damaged, one of the guys at work walked out and another put in their notice. Right now I am pulling double duty as janitor and stock. But mostly janitor since the bosses don’t like it when I do stock. I just like helping, […]

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Just Do It!

One of my student loans is almost gone. Out of the $12k, I am now down to $4800, which is quite remarkable. The other one is still about $10-11k, I’m going to have to check, but one bill at a time! Any, I bring this up because of my failed try at a university I […]

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Very Interesting

For a while now I have had two roommates. One I knew from work and the other served in Afghanistan. I also knew him for a long time and when we ran into each other it was both unexpected and fully welcomed. The former coworker has a daughter that I was frankly too nervous to […]

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On Themes

Recently I saw a video talking about themes in stories. It was an interesting one; very fast, very to the point without the filler that so many other videos throw in. This video got me thinking about what I write, but since I have nothing published I can not hold anything other than my personal […]

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