Apologies for not posting in a bit. I have been dealing with three weeks of straight work and the exhaustion has finally caught up to me. I had been doing a lot of sleeping when I should have been doing edits for Vigilance¬†and posting stuff here. I actually did have something posted a little bit […]

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Story Time & Knowledge Time

Today I’m going to be going through another fantastic 16 hour shift, which after the breaks and commute will put me at 17.5 hour day, give or take a few minutes. Thankfully the drives are not long, but it still is a bit on the annoying side having to work two jobs. (Let this be […]

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Good Morning

Good morning world. This is a grand experiment on my part. I have hardly a clue what I am doing, but this should still be fun. I work two jobs (hoping to bring it down to one, one day), and I have an interest in creative writing and politics. I also have a goal of […]

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